Sistema PJSFC

Software package for the event «Strategic Session of Sistema»

Mobile Application

Mobile application has been designed for participants of the event. It allows to receive up-to-date information about the vent in the real time, general information, schedule for all participants of session as well as personal schedule and the information about activities on days of the event.

Web Application

Web Application has been designed to display schedules of events, voting results and other important information.

Control Panel

Developed comprehensive software:

  • Back-end, which performs the functions of collecting, storing and processing information, sending Push-notifications;
  • API, that allows you to get up-to-date real-time data in a mobile and web applications;
  • Control panel for administrator to edit the schedule, speaker and participant information and bio; upload invoices, moderate questions for speakers, create pools and votes.


During the event, a set of works were carried out 24/7:

  • Content management software package for prompt adjustments of event schedule and updating other information;
  • Accompanying the event by the operator of software complex to ensure interaction with the third-party information and telecommunication systems.

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