SaaS development

The service is designed to automate and remotely control a car wash, service station, tire fitting and seasonal tire storage service.


A comprehensive SaaS solution has been designed. It allows users of “Aphorio” system to simplify control and increase the productivity of their enterprise.

The system modules automate the administrative business processes of car washes and service stations: maintaining a database and working with clients, electronic document management, a personnel management system, warehouse accounting, monitoring the consumption of materials and deadlines for completing work, analyzing the consumption of materials and building forecasts for purchases.

A hardware solution for monitoring the occupancy of boxes, integrated with the license plate recognition system, has been designed.


Applications for Android, iOS and Windows platforms have been designed, which, in addition to the main functionality, allows printing documents that are generated in the system, as well as connecting an online cash register.


The site of the "Aphorio" system was designed and its integration with the CRM and billing system was completed. Thus, the process of registration a user, accepting payments and collecting data on transactions was completely automated.


A set of works is being carried out:

  • Setting up and maintaining the company's web servers;
  • Content management and site maintenance;
  • Training of users to work with the software and consultations on issues related to the operation of the system.

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