Big Funny

Project to increase the company's presence on the Internet and automate business processes


From 2014 to 2019 three versions of the BigFunny website were designed as the development of the company, the increase in audience coverage and online sales made adjustments and changed the requirements for both the appearance of website and its services.

A network of more than 40 additional websites was designed and launched: for each individual museum and attraction, as well as for the main popular locations and for the projects abroad.

Mobile applications

Mobile application was designed for clients to buy tickets in museums and attractions as well as for organization of team tournaments.

Application for checking tickets was designed, which when scanning the ticket code checks the ticket on the server and displays all the data about the ticket: whether it was really bought, the date and time of purchase, location of purchase and if it was used before.


Based on our own solutions, a software package for automation has been designed:

  • Back-end, that performs the functions of collecting, storing and processing information. All data on visits of attractions, sales from all websites, ticket offices of museums and attractions, shops and cafes, data on the acceptance of goods, a list of company employees, tasks, ticket prices, current and past promotions are transmitted to the server. Detailed information about events is recorded: date and time, cash desk and seller, name, quantity of goods and other parameters;
  • API that allows you to organize real-time data exchange with cash desks, moving cash registers, changing ticket prices;
  • An access control system that performs the function of checking a ticket and fixing visits, consisting of an application for scanning a ticket code, a ticket validation module, and a visit data recording module. In the case of complex tickets, already visited museums are also recorded, which allows you to track the routes of visitors;
  • Web application for executives and the marketing department that allows you to receive the necessary reports online: by ticket types, revenue at the box office and by address, average bill, number of tickets sold, number of visitors, returns, advertising channel, etc. Reports are generated in the form of tables and graphs, with the possibility of comparison with an arbitrary period.


From 2014 to 2019, a set of works was carried out 24/7:

  • Maintenance of the company's web server;
  • Content-management and Web sites maintenance;
  • Advising employees of the company on the work with the designed software;
  • Advising and assisting the company's clients in cases related to the purchase and use of electronic tickets.

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